Airport Restaurants Around the Globe We’d Like to Try Soon

Guest Post by Gregor McGleish

Just like flight delays and the occasional layovers, hunger can strike at the blink of an eye. Come to think of it, it’s probably one of the reasons why convenience stores are like an oasis in the middle of a desert at an empty airport terminal. We all know how the challenges of travelling entails more than just long plane rides, bouts of boredom, and unavoidable language barriers. Add those to a grumbling stomach, and we’ve got the perfect recipe for a ruined vacation.

Now when it comes plane travel, we shouldn’t limit ourselves to airport fast food, as once in a while, it’s also nice to treat our taste buds to some of the world’s best cuisines even while waiting for our flight. In other words, whenever we’re traveling, we should take advantage of how international aviation hubs nowadays feature delightful food joints and world-class restaurants. With that, here are some of the airport restaurants around the globe we’d like to try soon.

Hung’s Delicacies (Hong Kong International Airport)

(Photo by Stephanie Levinson)

World Airport Awards considers Hong Kong International Airport as one of the best landing fields on earth. However, unlike many major cities in the world, its central district is quite far – more than 24 miles – from the airport itself. With this, Hong Kong presents airline passengers with choices that each has its respective pros and cons. There are practically cheap yet time-consuming public buses and express trains, as well as taxis and even limousines that are pricier but more convenient.

Regardless of the transportation choices presented, one thing is clear: we can’t leave Hong Kong without trying the Michelin-starred Hung’s Delicacies inside Terminal 2. The restaurant’s cuisine showcases an assortment of delectable marinated meats. Dishes are infused with a particular cooking style called “lou seoi,” which is a complex master stock of classic Asian flavors. For just $6.50 to $20, we can enjoy savory and somewhat odd meals ranging from goose meat and tofu to duck’s tongue and pig’s intestines.

Perfectionists’ Café (Heathrow Airport)

(Photo by Stephanie Levinson)

Heathrow Airport is known to have jam-packed departure lounges and congested airport parking areas, which is understandable considering how Parking4Less tags the city’s main aviation hub as one of the more popular locations. Thankfully, other than having an excellent public transportation system highlighted by the Tube and the Express, London presents travelers with topnotch airport restaurants. Hence, why the aforementioned UK company wrote a blog post entitled ‘Heathrow in Search of Perfection’ talking about this wonderful new celebrity-run restaurant in the heart of Heathrow Airport.

The Perfectionists’ Café is the brainchild of celebrity chef Heston Blumenthal. His innovative way of cooking whips up timeless British dishes and presents it in a more intriguing and mouthwatering fashion. Science takes the stage in this cozy airport diner, as Blumenthal’s multi-sensory methods in the kitchen emanate outside to create an atmosphere where aromas enhance the dining experience. They even have a burger designed and perfected by an oral physiologist to form the optimum bun texture and measurement – worth it for a menu starting at $18.

Chef Jimmy’s Bistro and Spirits (Denver International Airport)

(Photo by Danny Jamerson)

Denver maybe frigid and uncomfortable at times (especially for tourists coming in from tropical cities), but its airport offers a relaxed place where travellers can rest their heads during those times when layovers becomes sleepovers. According to Thrillist, although the mountain state’s main aviation facility doesn’t have designated rest areas, its been famous for setting up cots when weather gets bad. In addition, it also helps that Denver International Airport has Chef Jimmy’s Bistro and Spirits.

With bright, natural light coming in, Chef Jimmy’s Bistro and Spirits gives hungry diners the comfort and warmth they deserve, all while offering a mix of traditional American and Italian cuisines. Breakfast, lunch, or dinner, you name it, the restaurant serves customers with grab-and-go, as well as chef-inspired, selections round the clock. They even have options for vegetarians and those who require a gluten-free diet. Above all, most specialty dishes, like the chicken enchilada pasta and the home-style biscuits, only costs less than $20.

About Gregor McGleish
Other than raising his 4-year-old daughter Devin, Gregor McGleish is an avid world traveller who frequents Asia and Europe. During his rare downtimes, Greg brings his family to some of the best burger joints in Dublin namely Jo ‘Burger and BoBos Burgers Restaurant. He hopes to one day put up his own Asian-European comfort food fusion restaurant.