RightFit Personal Training

Hi readers! I thought I’d take a moment before launching into the post to introduce my sister, Sarah Callahan who will be writing occasional fitness themed articles for my blog! Sarah also went to Mizzou’s J-School and has a journalism background, so she’s a writer at heart. When she isn’t exploring fitness classes throughout the city of Chicago she works in marketing for 120 Sports, a cool new all-sports video network built for the digital generation!

These days, everything can be done via an on-demand, concierge-like service. Whether it’s dry cleaning, grocery shopping or an alcohol delivery app, it’s possible to receive all the necessities in life without ever leaving the comfort of your home.

When I was approached to try out RightFit Personal Training, the first thing that drew me in were those very same attributes; ease of service and simplicity we’re all accustomed to and enjoy. RightFit is a personal training service that pairs you with a trainer based upon an extensive online survey process. It is similar to any of the well-known and comprehensive online dating services, but instead of pairing you with a potential mate, they set you up with your perfect personal training match! The more specific you are in your survey, the higher quality matches you receive. The goal is to find you a trainer you are comfortable working with long-term toward your fitness goals.

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