Hutch Brunch in River North

Upon graduating from college I found the existence of a magical new meal called “brunch.” Growing up our family was always up by 9:00 a.m. on weekends thus necessitating “breakfast” and in college I slept well past noon. But the combination of post college partying on Lincoln Avenue with the internal clock of a 7:00 a.m. weekday wakeup soon found me in the 10:00-11:30 a.m. weekend brunch zone and it was glorious! Seven years later I am still a big brunch fan and there are more and more fantastic options than ever before.

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Jellyfish Chicago-Sushi for Brunch!

If you’re a fan of pan-Asian cuisine and sushi any time of the day I’ve got the perfect new brunch place for you! Jellyfish, a Chicago celebrity hot spot is now offering brunch at their beautifully decorated gold coast restaurant. This year-old restaurant known for their creative sushi rolls and bright Asian flavors recently started serving brunch on the weekends.

Jellyfish invited me in to try some of their most popular brunch dishes, along with some other lunch and dinner options. I’ve worked with Jellyfish several times  and I honestly couldn’t think of one bad thing to say about their service and their food. Brunch was no exception. I’ve been lucky enough to meet with several members of Jellyfish’s team, Chef Jason, Chef Puje, General Manager Alain, and Managing Partner Joseph DeVito.

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Easy and Healthy Baked Eggs Over Creamy Spinach

If you’re looking to impress guests with a fancy brunch dish, look no further! These easy baked eggs over creamed spinach are super simple to prepare and require very few ingredients making it the perfect semi-homemade meal. I came upon this idea after seeing baked or shirred eggs on the brunch menus of several restaurants around Chicago and I decided to make my own version. I also slimmed it down a little bit with some semi-homemade, low fat ingredients.

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My First Encounter with SPAM and Why I Liked It!

Early morning before work the other week I dropped by Uncle Mike’s Place, a breakfast place in West Town known for their famous Filipino breakfast, to try out two new dishes they had for a limited time on their menu. Both of these dishes included SPAM. And not just any old SPAM, the two newest jalapeno and black pepper varieties to be exact.

My initial instinct when approached with writing about SPAM was to run for the hills. I’d never tried SPAM before, and had intended on keeping it that way, well for the rest of my life. But my sister asked me to humor her when said her client Hormel Foods was pairing up with Chicago restaurants to create new, flavorful dishes out of SPAM’s newest products.

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Batter and Berries Chicago

Immediately after leaving Batter and Berries my first time (I’ve been twice now), I immediately started thinking about the next time I could come back. First, I was swept away by the food, specifically the French Toast Flight and the Cluck-N-Gaufre (Goof); and then by the level of service and friendliness of Rylon, the Chef and Owner and his Wife.

The restaurant itself is open and bright, with a communal table in the middle and smaller tables surrounding it, giving it a relaxed feel. We had the same waitress both times and she greeted us with an iPad, an innovative way of taking orders. The second time I came in Chef Rylon came over to say hello, as he recognized us from before and introduced us to the great tasting (and smelling) teas they had; as well as giving us a free sample of their chocolate biscotti. The great thing about the teas is that you could order them hot or iced! I recommend the one called “Love.”

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