Hawks Cay Resort Dinner at Joe’s Stone Crab

Even though we are now adjusted to a less nomadic lifestyle with fancy perks such as our own bed and a closet to put our clothes, we still fantasize about our next adventure. The final two months of our trip were heavy on city-centric sightseeing so for my next vacation I’ll be looking for a bit of beach time! So I was excited when a resort based in the Florida Keys, invited me to dinner to learn more about their property! Hawks Cay Resort, Villas and Marina, located on Duck Key is situated roughly halfway between Key Largo and Key West. Over the past few years Jeremy and I both have had multiple friends take trips down to the Keys and rave about its tropical feel and laid back atmosphere. It definitely has risen to the top of our “must visit” list.

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Eater 38 Restaurants in Chicago Restaurant Week

If you’re a food-lover in Chicago it’s likely that you check out the Eater’s 38 Essential Restaurants when you’re looking for a great dining experience. They’ve got everything from Thai and Ethiopian food to the latest Boka bombshell in River North. So this year I scoured the Choose Chicago Chicago Restaurant Week list for restaurants from the Eater 38 list to help you make the most of your Chicago Restaurant Week experience! Each restaurant name is hyperlinked to the menu(s) that they’ll be serving for Chicago Restaurant Week this year!

There’s also still time to get tickets to sample bites from over 50 different restaurants at First Bites Bash at Union Station on Thursday, January 29.

Eater 38 Chicago Restaurant Week Participants

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