WingFest and a Return to the Food Event World in Chicago

In March, I attended my first food event in several months, WingFest, and I couldn’t have picked a better event to get back into the Chicago food scene. Since we’ve returned home from our travels I’ve found that between a busy job and a change in our general lifestyle, attending food events several times a week wasn’t as big of a priority. I still love food just as much as before our travels, but my relationship with food has evolved.

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Persona Pizza Chicago

If I was forced to choose one food item, and this one thing would be all I was able to eat for the rest of my days, I feel pretty comfortable saying that pizza would be the way to go. You can go NY style, thin crust, deep dish, marinara, pesto, meat lovers, veggie; the options go on and on. Just as your choices of toppings are never ending, in Chicago your choices of where to order your pizza from can seem endless as well. There are the old staples we all know and love, be it the deep dish spot you take your family when they are in town, or the spot in your neighborhood that is perfect on a cold winter evening. But where to go, when you are in rush before a meeting, hungry because you forgot to eat breakfast, or want to grab something tasty for home as you depart work for the weekend? Persona Pizza, located right in the loop on Washington and LaSalle is your go to for quick, delicious pizza.

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Top 5 Bites at Chicago Gourmet

Bon Appetit’s Chicago Gourmet is one of my favorite foodie events of the entire year! It’s a chance to mingle with friends, celebrity chefs, and taste food from not only the hottest restaurants in Chicago but from several visiting global restaurants as well. I’ve been attending now for the past few years (see my post from 2014) and every year the weather turns out to be absolutely beautiful for this September affair. Amidst all the foodie fun I realized I had forgotten to take photos of most of what I ate during Chicago gourmet! I did manage to take photos of what really counted, my top 5 favorite bites of the day! Initially my day at Chicago gourmet began slowly as I was running solo without my number one taste tester in tow. I’m still adjusting to not having a partner by my side day in and day out! Luckily about an hour in, Seth of ChiCityFoodie arrived and I found another foodie friend, Allana of AllanaBytes and some of her coworkers. Writing this blog and attending these events is all about having fun and meeting new people and I’m lucky that the food blogger/Instagram community are a really nice and welcoming group.

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Sydney, Australia- Our Biggest City Yet!

Our journey took us next to the largest city in Australia, Sydney! After spending some much needed beach time at Byron Bay we were ready to get our tourist on. Jeremy’s favorite part about getting to a new city has become the trip to the information center and getting a city map, so he was delighted that Sydney’s was very comprehensive. We decided to stay in the eastern suburb (in Chicago we’d call it a neighborhood), of Bondi Beach. One of my old college dorm friends Raechel lives in Bondi with her fiancé and suggested it was a great spot to both explore the city from and also be near the beach. We got in around dinner time and our Air BnB host suggested a nearby burger joint for dinner just down the street. The burgers were fantastic and strange enough as we were saucing up our fries we noticed a Lillie Qs label on a squeeze bottle! As we paid Jeremy asked the owner about it and told him we were from Chicago and that Lili Qs was a great neighborhood spot we’d been to many times. The owner proceeded to tell him that their burger place was known for how good the sauce was! He was also thrilled that we thought he made a burger as good as we can get back home.


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We’re Leaving Chicago to Travel the World!

Change is scary, it is exciting, can be eventful and in the end hopefully fulfilling. Beginning on February 9th our lives are about to change. After much planning TT#1 and I will be departing Chicago to travel throughout New Zealand, Australia and Asia for 6 months with nothing but the packs on our backs (and with the benefits of being in the 21st century, our smartphones and internet!)

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Pop-Up Dinner with Brooklyn Brewery

The following post is written by my fiance and frequent guest eater, Taste Tester #1.

The life as the partner and frequent guest of a food and culture blogger isn’t too bad. I get to eat tasty food, meet new and interesting people, and go to events and venues that wouldn’t typically be on my radar. Little did I realize that after proposing to such blogger, many of the fun events would have to take a backseat to the demands and stress that come with planning a wedding. Dammit, why didn’t I think of this before making the trip to the jewelry store! But all is okay, as once or twice this summer, Stephanie gave us the green light to cheat on the wedding diet and go to a fun event and I’m lucky one we chose to attend was The Brooklyn Brewery Mash.

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Beyond ExpecTASTEtions Wedding Series

This past April 3rd, after many meals together Taste Tester #1 asked me to be his dining partner for the rest of our lives…and of course I said yes! Since we have been engaged, I’ve been posting a little less often due to all the exiting (and stressful) wedding planning that’s been happening. After discussing many wedding scenarios, we decided to keep our engagement short and sweet and will be getting married on Halloween this year! So that means the dressing up is already set, I’ve never been happier for my “costume” decision already to be made, Bride and Groom is way better than any couple costume I could’ve dreamed up at the last minute prior to Halloween.

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20 Chicago Foodies to Follow on Instagram

If you’re as big of a food lover as I am, you probably know that you eat with your eyes before you eat with your mouth. I’ve compiled a list of my favorite Chicago food instagrammers that consistently showcase the best food pics in Chicago. Better yet, many of them are bloggers and have some amazing recipes, restaurant reviews, travel tips and more on their websites!

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Food+Wine Festival Coming to Chicago

This morning I received a very exciting announcement that Lincoln Park and Grant Park will be jointly hosting the inaugural Chicago Food+Wine Festival and it will be happening August 28-30 this year!

World-class chefs, sommeliers, cocktail experts, culinary personalities, rising stars, musical acts and more will showcase their talent, innovation and unique flavors of Chicago. Offering various events over three days in beautiful downtown Chicago, the Festival will include Grand Taste tents offering food, wine and cocktail samples from local and regional artisans; over 30 interactive cooking demonstrations and intimate; Toast & Taste, the festival’s signature Saturday night tasting event featuring 16 of the country’s best chefs and live music; Last Call, late-night dessert and nightcap party; book signings; and more.

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Holiday Food Events in Chicago

Chicago is a city that loves to be festive, and the holidays are a great excuse to check out the many great eating and drinking events happening all around the city.

I know that as soon as the temperature drops below freezing Chicagoans tend to hibernate, but save that for January and February! I’ve put together a list of holiday food events that are great for families and people of all ages to indulge in during the holiday season.

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