CourseHorse Cooking Class Review

One of my favorite things to do on a Sunday is to create something from scratch, an item that I just don’t have time for on a normal week night. I’ve made homemade soups, pizza dough, bread, pasta and more; I love that I have the time to prep properly and enjoy the whole process. It’s like running my own personal restaurant for the day. I must say though, there are some things on my Sunday cook-list I’ve been too intimidated to make on my own just by following a recipe. This is where cooking classes can come in handy and I recently discovered an amazing discovery and booking tool for local classes, called CourseHorse that has a wide variety of cooking classes in Chicago.

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Sponsored Video: A Kellogg’s Breakfast Cereal Creation

sweet grits with special K cereal

Kellogg’s® recently challenged 50 different culinary influencers to think outside the (cereal) box and create a new unique breakfast recipe using a Kellogg® cereal.

Recipes like Frosted Mini-Wheats® with matcha powder and skim milk, Kellogg’s Corn Flakes® chilaquiles, Mediterranean style Rice Krispies® and more were some of the star recipes chefs and foodies created.

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Avocado Toast with Schmacon

One of my favorite things about writing my food blog is getting to share recipes with the world. Since I do eat out a lot, I find myself posting a lot of healthier recipes like this acorn squash recipe to balance out the frequent restaurant visits. BUT, there are definitely times I like to experiment with more indulgent foods, especially bacon!

I recently discovered the amazingness that is Schmacon. Schmacon is smoked, uniquely seasoned and sweet, crispy beef product that tastes like a combination of your favorite pastrami from the deli with the crispiness of bacon. Schmacon is made with whole-muscle beef and has less calories, fat and sodium than regular bacon.

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